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  Hotel Merkur  
  Place number: 80  
  Rooms: - 21 rooms with two beds
- 10 rooms with king-size beds
- 6 rooms with three beds

  Price(s): - 100 Ron the room with king-size bed
- 140 Ron the room with two beds
- 170 Ron the room with three beds

The prices include the breakfast at 15 Ron amount / person.

  Services: Telephone / TV / Wireless Internet / Parking / Kitchen / Restaurant / Bar / Accommodation /

  Nearby services: Tennis / Footbal ground / Swimming pool / Train / Food Store / Health-Resort / Ski resort / Ice rink /

  Description: If you are looking for accommodation in Miercurea Ciuc we invite you at Hotel Merkur.

The two-star Hotel Merkur is at your disposal at four levels for 80 people, in 21 double-bed rooms, 10 king-size bed rooms and 6 three-bed rooms. Each room has its own bathroom and is equipped with TV set and modern furniture.

In the restaurant you have the opportunity to taste the specialties of the Hungarian cuisine, you can have a cold Ciuc beer and a shot of plum-brandy zings you up. Our 80 seat restaurant is convenient for family reunions, weddings, christening and other programs.

The conference room is ideally suited for business meetings and courses.

We are at your disposal.
  Location: Miercurea Ciuc  

 Hotel Merkur Hotel Merkur Hotel Merkur Hotel Merkur Hotel Merkur Hotel Merkur


office@transylvaniatourism.ro | Tel: 0749-585285