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  Baile Felix

Băile Felix resort is the most visited and well-known spa from all over Romania, being also internationally known.

It is a thermal spa resort in Bihor County, Transylvania. It is located around 22 km far from Orodea and about 8 km from the Hungarian border, Bors. Together with 1 Mai are among the best known and most quality thermal spas in the country. These resorts have many mineral springs with thermal (20-48°C): sodic, calcic, sulphuric, rich in bicarbonate waters known since the beginning of the millennium. The facilities and treatments what they offer are the followings:
- treatment of rheumatism and neurological and gynecological diseases
- various facilities for procedures involving electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, aerosols, massage, paraffin packing and other water treatments.

You will find a great number of restaurants, wedding halls and the possibility to do different activities. The most important restaurants are Art Club, Larysse Restaurant and Palm Restaurant. These excellent places, together with the game rooms, with the hotels and the swimming pools make Băile Felix resort one of the most important tourist attractions, especially during the summer time.

Băile Felix resort is one of the biggest areas of interest in western Romania and also an internationally known spa. The network of hotels and pensions offers over 7000 accommodation available for the tourists who want to spend an unforgettable holiday at the swimming pools with thermal water and the restaurants within the resort. Another reason why tourists choose Băile Felix resort is the spa treatment centers.

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