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Ciumani commune ( in Hungarian GYERGYOCSOMAFALVA ) is the typical example of the reciprocal community - nature living together. Here we encounter a very well organised community.

The life quality is defined through the European Christian values and by the szekler traditional values. The institutional infrastructure is well developed. The local economy is defined by the local competitive enterprises using local resources. The community members live in social security.
We pride ourselves with the local folk tradition (traditional wooden architecture, ingenuity local craftsmen, folk dances and songs, etc..), The local economy highly developed (200 micro enterprises, small and medium enterprises, actually unemployment is very low), proud tradition of 40 years of ice hockey on \\\"Ciumani - factory hockey country\\\" (natural skating rink with the necessary infrastructure, in selected national athletes and national teams from Division, a training center for children, etc.),developed tourist infrastructure hostels Agro landscapes picturesque mountain ski, sport, bath water, cultural and historical monuments, etc.), school tradition exception (Modern school with teachers well prepared professional, permanent large number of young people who have finished college, the and operation of the School of popular and intellectual forum)

Settlement appeared in the reign of Iancu of Hunedoara (XV century). First ham was on the hill called \"Farkasdomb. The first owner of the settlement here was Inger János and later Csoma FERENC, from which the town received the name of CSOMAFALVA (Csoma\\\'s village). Locality is attested first in the Register in 1567 as papal name CHYOMAFFALWA.

Since 1609 the name GYERGYÓCSOMAFALVA (before the town name and the name of the seat Giurgeu = Gyergyó). Szeklers were village guards who participated in several battles, and were victims of attacks outside: 1596 - \\\"Carnival bloody\\\" ( \\\"Veres farsang) - Prince Mihály Apafi troops have masacrat part of the population, 1655 and 1657 - Campaign Prince György Rákóczi II in Romania and Poland, 1658-1662 - Turkish-Tartar invasions in Szeklers; 1683-1686 - Siege of Vienna - was attended by 38 soldiers from the company Ciumani horse led by Mihály Both. In fighting in 1704 led by Ferenc Rákóczi II against Habsburg are present and those of Ciumani.

  Accomodations in Ciumani

  Borsika Pension    
Place nr: 16
- 6 rooms with double beds
- 1 room with four beds
Services: Telephone, TV, Wireless Internet, Parking, Kitchen, Cooker, Restaurant, Refrigerator, Terrace, Garden Furniture, Refrigerator, Ski lessons, Accommodation,
Location: Ciumani


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