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The town lies on the valley of the Tarnava Mica River, at the bottom of the Gurghiu Mountains, in the Praid Plateau, at an altitude of 525 m (the salt cliff reaches 580 m in height).

Roads- on the DN 13 A Balauseri- Praid- Miercurea- Ciuc, at 9 km from Sovata or on the DN 13 B Praid- Gheorgheni ( 58 km).

Railway- Praid railway- station, ending point of the secondary line Teius- Balauseri- Sovata- Praid which is linked to the major railway line Brasov- Sighisoara- Teius- Cluj-Napoca- Satu Mare- Oradea.

Airway- International Airport of Targu- Mures( at 70 km).

The base of treatment of the Praid Salt Mine lies at a depth of 120 m from the surface. The transport of persons is made by buses on a distance of 1250 m from the entrance to the underground base of treatment. The underground halls are supplied with- a light system, an art gallery with works made in salt( sculptures, paintings), playgrounds for children, an ecumenical chapel, a mining museum, a photo exhibition, tennis tables, all these meaning the recreation of the patients who, according to medical advice, have to spend here 4 hous daily. The bar in the mine offers visitors, at any time, herbal tea or hot coffee, together with somewell- deserved snack. The speleotherapy and climetherapy practically consist in inhalating the mine air which is very healthy and useful in respiratory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis or allergies. During the hours spent in the underground gymnastics exercises directed by specialized staff are recommended, together with walks and dozing of physical effort. Medical statistics show that , at the patients who use the treatment 3- 4 times successively and react positively to it, the number and intensity of asthmatic crises dicrease and the capacity of body resistance increases.

The ruins of the Rapsonné fortress- lying at 13 km from the centre of Praid, on the way to Gheorgheni, the old Szeckler fortress impresses the tourists with some partially preserved ruins, but mostly with its special sight overlooked by leafy forests which surround it.

The Strand of Praid- The base of amusement/ treatment lies close to the salt mine, at approximately 200 m, offering 2 exterior swimming pools( one for adults and one for children) with salty water, supplied with dressing- rooms, showers, sunbathing commodities, a bar and a fast- food with summer terrace.

  Accomodations in Praid

  Sovirag pension    
Place nr: 16
- 4 rooms with own bathroom
Services: TV, Wireless Internet, Parking, Kitchen, Cooker, Refrigerator, Terrace, Oven, Garden Furniture, Accommodation,
Location: Praid

  Alszegi pension    
Place nr: 10
- 2 rooms with 3 beds
- 1 room with 4 seats
Services: TV, Parking, Kitchen, Cooker, Refrigerator, Oven, Garden Furniture, Accommodation,
Location: Praid

  Maria Guesthouse    
Place nr: 8
- 3 double room.
- 1 apartment.
Services: TV, Parking, Kitchen, Cooker, Refrigerator, Terrace, Oven, Garden Furniture, Swing, Central Heating, Refrigerator, Accommodation,
Location: Praid


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